We were finally able to head out to sea around 16:30 yesterday. It wasn’t until about three hours after departure that I began to feel seasick. I had to take a seasickness pill and lay down. But before that we had an all hands meeting coordinated by the Expedition Leader letting us know the do’s and don’ts while being on board. He also introduced all the team leaders and let them explain what their role is on the research vessel. There were a number of scientists from different universities and several ambassadors, which consist of both middle and high school teachers from across the country. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I officially stated in this blog what my role is on the Nautilus.

I am an Ocean Science and Mapping intern with Ocean Exploration Trust aboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus. Each year there are a limited amount of internship positions available, and one position reserved for a representative from any of NOAA’s Cooperative Science Centers. I will be representing NOAA Environmental Cooperative Science Center (ECSC). As an Ocean Science and Mapping intern I will be assisting in data management during dives by recording operational events, taking captures from the ROV cameras, logging samples obtained during dives, and participate in scientific discussions by answering Nautilus viewer questions on the line. Other responsibilities while not diving include assisting the lead data manager by compiling and writing dive reports, process and archive samples, and create metadata for both dives and processed samples.

The research vessel will be exploring seafloor habitats, mid-slope and lower slope depths, including hard substrate coral habitats, hydrocarbon seeps, mud volcanoes and brine pools in the Gulf of Mexico from May 13-19, 2015.

We are approaching from our next site so stay tuned on Facebook or Twitter for updates and alerts for upcoming dives!


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