Engineering Dive

Yesterday there was an engineering dive to test the new cable added. The Argus ROV was the only ROV deployed. The dive was one of the deepest dives for the ROV diving to 3360 m. One of the traditions on board is to decorate Styrofoam cups and attach them to the Argus ROV as it descends, and since this was one of the deepest dives this tradition was a little extra special. As the pressure increases the Styrofoam cups are dramatically reduced in size. This is my cup before the dive (left photo below) and after (right photo below). Others decorated other interesting Styrofoam such as a manikin head, dissecting trays, and Sonic cups.


There were a total of two bags filled with Styrofoam cups (left photo below), and you can see where on the Argus ROV the bags where attached on the grey rack located on the top (right photo below).


There wasn’t much activity from the dive except for a few jellies, but I was able to get trained on what I will be doing for the next dive in the brine pools.

While on board we are able to watch the live feed from the lounge as well.


After Argus was retrieved, there were no problems with the fiber optic cables. Stay tuned for the next dive in the brine pools at !


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