E/V Nautilus Tours

May 20, 2015

On May 19th several ship tours were scheduled for students and CITGO members, one of the major partners of the Nautilus Exploration Program. Students and teachers were given the opportunity to tour and learn from the crew while aboard. Some of the students touring were students of the Ambassadors on board. They were from Maplewood Middle School and WW Lewis Middle School both located in Sulphur, LA, and St. John Paul High School from Corpus Christi, TX. Some students from the local university, Texas A&M University – Galveston were also allowed to tour the ship.

All cruise team members were given roles to fulfill during the tours. For the first tour I was co-leading tours of the Wet Lab, which is the area where all samples are processed and preserved. Students were given the opportunity to observe some of the mussels recently collected, as well as a few sponges that were collected from previous cruises. There was also a nice clump of sediment from one of the mussel collections for student to observe (Left photo below). ROV Tours followed the Wet Lab tour lead by the ROV pilots (Right photo below).

SedimentROV Tours

For the next group of tours I lead tours of the Data Lab, which is where all data is input and backed up. Students were given a brief overview of what type of data is gathered, how data is managed, and how it can be used. There were a couple of sonar multibeam maps in the lab and around the vessel that helped demonstrate how the sonar data could be used.

The tours ended with one last group of VIPs from CITGO lead by another team member.

The day ended with Greek dinner at Olympia near Pier 21 and drinks at Brews Brothers with the two Communication Fellows on board.

Photo Source: JENNIFER REYNOLDS/Galveston County The Daily News


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