E/V Nautilus Ship Tours

Hello again!

I arrived to Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, August 9th, and boarded the E/V Nautilus on Monday morning, August 10th. On August 10th the Nautilus was scheduled to give several ship tours to locals who were scheduled for a visit. Several of Dr. Robert Ballard’s family and friends also visited the ship that day. I was helping out in the Wet Lab during the tours. The Wet Lab is the area where samples are processed for preservation and packed for shipping. It is sometimes seen in live stream view when we are processing samples. After ship tours were done around 4pm PST, I had some time so visit the area of San Pedro, where Nautilus was docked. I visited the Cabrillio Marina located in San Pedro, which was immediately next to the Nautilus.

San Pedro MarinaSea Lion

I was also able to walk to the Fish Market located along the main channel where there was several local restaurants and of course fish. After walking around I made my way back to the vessel.

Ship in a bottle

Garbage Fish


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